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Celebration Of Life

Living Waters Celebration Center,  A Unique Funeral Venue
At living Waters celebration Center, you will be surrounded by the beauty of 92 acres of rustic elegance, native terrain encircled by springs of living waters.

Think Outside the Coffin
One way to break out of the traditional mold is choosing an unconventional venue for a memorial service or celebration of life event. What if, instead of in a church, friends & family gather to celebrate a life in a charming rustic barn beautifully decorated or under an open area outside? And if the person who loved spending time in the great outdoors, doesn’t it make sense to honor the story of their life in the beauty of the natural landscape? 

We here at Living Waters celebration Center are passionate about creating a personalized memorial service for you and your loved one. Simply put, we sincerely want to honor the life your loved one lived.

Certified Funeral Celebrant
Have you ever been to a funeral or a celebration of life memorial service that took place somewhere other than a church, funeral home or cemetery? Many people haven’t, because the traditional funeral format has been culturally dominated for the past century. As a Certified Funeral Celebrant, Melanie can offer a personalized, unique and special memorial to honor your loved one. A professional celebrant can be similar to a wedding planner. Melanie works with families to design a unique and personalized celebration customized to the family’s wishes. As a celebrant Melanie can design both a secular or non-secular celebration.


For more information call: (715) 797-7937


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